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ASP.NET Calendar of Events - Expected Release Date: 4th Quarter
This product will be an ASP.NET Component that will ease the integration of a calendar of events into an existing ASP.NET website. It will be a self-contained component that includes an administration area to manage the events. This will allow for very simple deployment and easy management by non-technical end-users.
Supported Technologies: Windows 2003, ASP.NET 2.0, Internet Information Services 6.0, Visual Studio 2005


Web Application Development - Use the power of the web to get rid of paper processes. By providing a web-based interface to your information, customers and employees can access it from anywhere in the world. In addition to information, let us show you how to use the power of the web to sell your product or service worldwide. By using the web to sell a product or provide a service, we can show you how it will lower your cost thus increasing your bottom line.

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We do not concentrate on providing a single technology. We provide the technology that is right for the solution. If you already have a technology selected for a project, let us see if we can help.







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